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SM Score Choirs
This category is represented by a single, poignant piece at the present time, written for SATB choir accompanied by piano.  More choral pieces are planned for the section in the future.  Also, some examples of Vocalise style (without text) are planned to enhance the teaching materials of singing teachers.

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Jazz Groups
SM Scores School Bands

School Bands

The band compositions vary from small jazz combos, with a focus on one or two soloists, to the regular 17 piece big band line up.  Strings are added to some of them to make a larger ensemble and percussion players also enhance the more Latin Jazz flavoured pieces.  Mainstream jazz and Latin styles present a varied selection of choices and textures.

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SM Scores Orchestra
Does your orchestra have any original Australian scores in the repertoire? The orchestral compositions in the SM Scores catalogue contain some beautiful pieces for string orchestra.  They are written as moderately challenging for a young orchestra, whilst also being extremely suitable for community and professional orchestras.  Other featured compositions of this orchestral section are the works for larger orchestra and those for piano and orchestra.

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Why Choose SM SCORES?

home-musicSM Scores was established with the aim of making Australian compositions more accessible to performers and teachers. These are professional, clearly written original scores which are tailored to cater for a wide variety of genres, from choral music to guitar, ensembles, bands, and orchestras. The promotion of Australian compositions and composers is of foremost importance in the  development of our emerging talented musicians. All levels of musical ability are accommodated here with a diverse range of styles, from moderately easy to challenging. So, there is something here to suit you, wherever you are in your journey through music. Melodic interest is often shared between parts, making a positive dynamic within ensembles and groups. The music itself is enjoyable for both the musicians and the audience. Several of the compositions listed have been commissions for specific ensembles, orchestras, and instrumental combinations.

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